We often hear the words "I love scarves but I just don't know how to wear one!" As a brand whose speciality is scarves, it is very easy to take for granted the fact that people may not know how to style a scarf. Well the good news is that scarf styling does not have to be difficult and the added bonus with our scarves is that they can be thrown over the simplest of outfits, as the scarf does all of the work for you!

Maybe you are unsure of what to wear or have some pieces in your wardrobe that need revitalising and bringing back to life. This is exactly where our scarves come in, as they will transform your looking as though you have spent lots of time and energy creating it.

We call this 'effortless style'.


In todays post we will focus on very simple ways to style a scarf that do not require a lot of time or thought.

The post features our Bettie, Mimi and Dita scarves that cover both long and square shapes, as we understand that different shapes appeal to different individuals.


Bettie is a long 60cmx180cm scarf on a Cashmere/Modal blend in our Nostalgia range.

1. A scarf like Bettie needs to be seen in it's entirety as there are so many elements within the design and so the best way to style it is to just throw it around your neck. 

This look works really well with a beautiful soft jacket, a lightweight knit or a silk shirt. 

2. You can also wrap it around once which shows all of the colours and also highlights the fun stripe border



Mimi is a large 110cmx110cm square scarf on 100% Silk. We shall be showing you three ways to style her.



Fold one corner to the opposite corner to create a V shape.


Fold the bottom of the V in so that the tip sits at the long edge.

Fold in again twice so that the scarf becomes a long strip.

3. At this stage you can put her around your neck which looks really smart.



4. Alternatively you can tie her at the front giving the scarf lovely movement as you see all the folds and the different elements within the design.

5. Lastly and our favourite,  tie her into a big bow. We have teamed her up with a tailored jacket but this style also looks lovely with a fine knit, a relaxed top or a cute dress.




Dita is a large 110cmx110cm square scarf on a cashmere/modal blend in our Sirens range.

Like you did with Mimi fold one corner to the opposite to create a V shape.



Place the V at the front holding up the ends. Place the ends over your shoulders and to your back..

6. At the back, take the ends and cross them over.  Bring ends to the front and tuck them underneath the V at the front.

This look is super elegant with a coat or jacket both buttoned up and left unbuttoned.


We hope that you have found this blog useful.

If you have any styling requests or feedback please feel free to email us at info@saimamajid.uk