Working for myself means that no ‘one’ day is ever the same. This is the magic of this lifestyle and something that I am grateful for daily. 6.30am is when the alarm goes off. The day starts with a good coffee usually taken back to my bedroom where I like to get cosy before writing in my journal. In my journal, I express my currents thoughts, ideas, worries and a gratitude list. This is followed by a fifteen minute meditation. Meditation is one of the most important parts of my day as it grounds me and calms my mind. If I am experiencing negative thoughts, these can be replaced with positivity and focus. After getting showered and ready I am set up for the day ahead.

7.30am- Breakfast, which consists of whole oats, made in oat milk or organic peanut butter on toast is usually eaten whilst checking emails, preparing Personal Training sessions and general admin.  

8.30am- I leave for the gym ready to start sessions by 9am. Sessions can often start earlier or later depending on client’s schedules. After a few sessions with a client, they can become a friend so I often look forward to seeing them. My focus is mostly on HIIT, mixing strength and cardiovascular exercises but it really does depend on each individual client and their needs. Gaps between clients allow me to train myself.

12.30pm-1.30pm is lunchtime. I try not to eat lunch whilst working, as this gives my mind a break as well as an appreciation for the food in front of me. For lunch, my current favourites are fish, avocados, vegetarian sausages, beetroot, watercress, sweet potatoes, humus and olives and these are eaten in various combinations. 


1.30pm to 4.30pm is creative time! This is when I work on designing new scarf collections, writing blog posts, creating photography for social media, answering emails or sorting out orders for my fashion business. I find this work really therapeutic and like to listen to music or Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations as she, along with the guests that she interviews, inspire me. I also make sure that my working environment is also inspiring and like to be surrounded by plants and scented candles. 


5.30pm means that it is time to get back to the gym for evening sessions. Depending on the day’s schedule, I often do not get home until late evening, which means that dinnertime can be around 8.30pm. I like to eat a source of protein in the form of fish, lentils, beans and tofu burgers with grilled vegetables and dark chocolate to finish.


9pm is a beautiful part of the day as now it is ‘me time’. I like to switch off by showering first. I am currently using organic soaps with cacao, created by a friend based in London. I light scented candles and prepare my mind and body for rest and relaxation. Before bed, I tend to read, watch a documentary or a TED talk as again, they make me feel super relaxed. Eight hours is the perfect amount of sleep for me as it ensures I am fresh and productive for the following day.


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