In a world where there is so much suffering, negativity and anger, how can we protect our own energy (vibration, Prana, Qi, Chi) and keep that energy high?

At times of adversity, it is natural that stress levels may become high and our energy and mood depletes. However, how about general day to day? 

How can we navigate through the world and keep positive when our surroundings can sometimes feel bleak and toxic. Usually my first go to is meditation. In Eastern practice, (Yogic and Taoist) for centuries it has been believed that we hold stress in the digestive area. Breathing for me really helps with this.


There are also other ways we can manage our energy and my six top tips are:


1.    Boundaries- It is so important to guard our personal space by keeping boundaries. This means, being aware of the impact others have on us and if that is negative, limit the amount of time spent with them.


2.    Meditation- Deep breathing (Diaphragmatic breathing) fills the body with oxygen. This helps to alleviate stress, create better blood circulation and also improve confidence.


3.    Journal- Writing in a journal daily helps remove thoughts from your mind and transfer them onto paper. It is a tool used by cognitive behavioural therapists and I have been using this for years. By clearing out the mind, you make space for beauty and allow creative ideas to flow freely.


4.   Gratitude- By being grateful for the life we have we are not thinking about what we do not have. For example, rather than punishing ourselves for not having a perfect body (what even is a perfect body???), what if we are grateful for a functioning mind and body that enables us to live life. This way we are changing our thoughts from negative to positive. Every day, write five things that you are grateful for.


5.   Surround yourself with positive people- We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. When you think about the five people that you spend the most time with, do you find that they are happy positive people? Do they really listen to what you have to say? If the answer is no then get away as quick as you can. The people that you surround yourself with should support you, be your cheerleaders, be inspiring and motivating. They are not perfect and will have their faults but they will care about your well-being and offer support when needed.


6.  Nutrition- What we put into our bodies is known to impact not only our physical health but also our mental health. Foods with high sugar content spike insulin levels giving energy but also draining us of it. Caffeine and alcohol have the same effect on energy so instead, hydrate with water, two litres a day! Fuel the body with delicious and nutritious food. Whole foods which contain plenty of vitamins and minerals, high proteins, good fats, and complex carbohydrates are essential. Savour every mouthful, taste the flavours and be grateful.


I hope that you enjoyed this post. To find out more about my work as a Personal Trainer/ Fitness and Dance Instructor..........