It was the winter of 2015 and I was living in North London. I had been in the wonderful city of London for the last fourteen years working as a Fashion/Textile designer. Having arrived straight out of university, I was excited, curious and ambitious. Over the years the city had given me so much. In this vibrant and creative hub, I had met the most interesting people, heard wonderful music, seen beautiful dance and art and eaten incredible world cuisine. It had given me a career that had allowed me to design wonderful products and see many places in the world. I had equally given the city so much of myself and at this moment, in winter 2015 knew that it was time to make a change and take a different path and so I decided to move back to my birthplace, Derby.


Time had changed me over the last fourteen years and I had grown mentally and emotionally. I had always been drawn to vibrancy whether that came through people, experiences or materials. I enjoyed the company of people with whom I could engage in deep conversations, those that were individual and did not follow the status quo, particularly the ones with a twinkle in their eye. I feel that this was a reflection of myself and therefore I could relate.


I liked to be surrounded by the things that spoke to my heart and soul. These came in the form of music, romance, the past, dance, art, fashion, architecture, food, conversation, world cultures, travel and literature. Without any knowledge, I had been collecting a library of resources through all of my life experiences and had a real need to invest this. My own brand could enable me to do this.


Being a British born Muslim Pakistani female, life at times had been challenging and many obstacles were overcome. When fiercely independant and creative were thrown into that mix it created a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. This is what led to the turning point in my life. I knew that I was capable of doing something special and maybe for the first time had complete self-belief, both as a human being and a designer. I had a voice that I wanted to express through my work and so it was time to go it alone and thus my scarf brand Saima Majid was born.


In March 2016 I launched my range of digitally printed scarves. This range was called 'Nostalgia' and based on the memories of holidays in childhood. It was bold and vivid and definitely a statement collection. The prints were created to add colour and drama to an outfit. I really value the importance of femininity and strength and like the ladies that wear my pieces to stand out and celebrate individuality combined with femininity. I also like to give joy through my work. Having said this, I am delighted that since starting the business, so many women have shown their support by investing in and wearing my scarves. Women of different ethnicities, ages, prefessions, shapes and sizes. 


Going forward it is my wish to give back through philanthropic work and by supporting young aspiring entrepreneurs. I have started to explore these routes and as the business grows I hope that this becomes a more integral part of my brand.

Thank you for reading,

Warm regards