By Saima Majid

(Fitness, Design and Mental Health)


Being a Holistic Personal Trainer and Textile Designer, I am a huge advocate of living well and beautifully. Wellness for me means feeling healthy in body, mind and spirit. A healthy mind and soul feels peaceful, grateful for the world, and allows life to ‘be’ with all of its ups and downs. A healthy body is energetic, mobile and agile and allows me to carry out all the physical tasks or adventures that I wish to pursue without feeling inhibited.

Life is transient and can change at a moments notice. It is a work in progress and has taken me a lot of self-discovery and mistakes along the way to find some sort of balance and even still, I have not mastered it perfectly. However, by showing myself love and compassion through some simple daily practises and behavioural habits, I feel that I can get a better handle on times of adversity as well as be happy. Below are a list of my practises that enable me to live a whole and beautiful life:


1)    Exercise- not only releases the happy hormones endorphins but I feel lighter, energised and youthful. I know that by regularly exercising I will lower my chances of major illnesses and keep my bones, mind, heart, skin and muscles healthy.


2)    Nutrition- Eating whole foods, which contain plenty of vitamins and minerals, high protein, good fats, and complex carbohydrates give me energy and make sure my body functions as it should.

3)    Work- It is crucial that work gives me a sense of meaning and purpose. I like to evaluate my work life regularly and if needs be, make the necessary changes to make sure that it is aligned with who I am.

4)    Relationships- Positive energy and vibrations have a great impact on each of us so I like to be surrounded with good people and steer clear of negativity.


5)    Style, grooming and pampering- as fickle as it sounds, looking good on the outside can give us confidence so provided that it does not become obsessive there is nothing wrong with making an effort and treating ourselves.

6)    Mind-set- My morning and evening routine are so important. I try to start the day by journaling, followed by a meditation. In the evening I light scented candles and an hour before sleeping, I put my phone on aeroplane mode and read or listen to a podcast.

7)    Sleep- 7 to 8 hours is a must!


8)    Environment- This crosses over with work and relationships but I try to be aware of my surroundings and whether they are having a positive or negative impact on my mental health. My home environment is my sanctuary so it is a must that it is beautifully designed with great use of colour, lots of candles and plants.

9)    Giving back- This can be anything from cooking for my friends, smiling at a stranger or giving to charity.


I hope you enjoyed this post.


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