"I empower individuals to create their best

selves through strengthening the mind,

body and soul".


The importance of mental, emotional and physical health

There are many components to optimal health and wellbeing. Fitness and nutrition are two of these components combined with a healthy mind, good sleeping patterns and healthy relationships etc. The barriers to physical health and healthy eating can often be linked to underlying emotional and mental issues. Often what is happening in our outer bodies is a reflection of what is occurring in our minds. Stress, low self worth, overwhelm by life can all lead to a poor diet and exercise regime. It is therefore imperative to focus on health and wellness as a whole in order to gain a better balance and flow in your life.



What is a Wellbeing Coach?

Someone who focuses on physical, mental, emotional health and wellbeing as a whole. By using an empathetic approach, I listen to my clients needs and provide them with the guidance and tools to aid better inner and outer health.


My sessions can include; exercise, meditation, nutrition guidance, stretching and advice on confidence building and stress management. Every life and lifestyle is unique and so it is crucial to consider this and work accordingly.


I see it as my role to empower and encourage clients to develop a healthy relationship with both themselves and the world around them.

My why


Many of us, will have experienced points in our lives where circumstances have left us feeling lost, uncomfortable in our own skin, exhausted and sad. I certainly have and in those situations it can be so easy to freeze and therefore spiral down even further.


As a Wellbeing Coach, I entered this vocation to help people. This is my calling and purpose in the world.  To bring light into others lives and get them to shine again. Once upon a time I needed people to help me get my light back which they did. Now I would like to help you get yours back.



You should reach out if:

  • You are lacking the confidence and motivation to live your best and most healthiest life.
  • Your energy levels and self esteem are suffering.
  • You have trouble sleeping and feel high levels of stress.
  • Life feels like a struggle rather than a joy.
  • You are ready to step into your greatness and invest in YOURSELF.
  • You are ready to BECOME the confident, empowered, fittest, healthiest and most BADASS version of yourself! 


My Qualifications

Diploma in Performance Coaching accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists 

Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Nutrition Advisor

Certified Meditation Teacher





Something that I have learnt from working with clients daily is that during different stages of our lives we have different requirements from our exercise regime. Let me give you an example; when we are highly stressed our brain releases the stress hormone cortisol. When we have too much cortisol in the body and do high intensity training we can possibly come away feeling worse than better. During times like this, it is better to be gentle and kind with movement rather than vigorous.


This is why I work closely with the client, assess their needs and design programmes that are challenging when energy levels are high and gentler through tougher times. 


Adding meditation to the mix helps a client manage their stress levels better and so when faced with challenging periods, they are much more resilient.