Saima Majid

Saima Majid is a Fashion/Textile designer. She was born and raised in the Midlands to Pakistani parents. Following her studies in Textile Design at Loughborough University she moved to London to pursue a career in Fashion.  In London Saima designed ranges for various global brands, amongst them Laura Ashley, Monsoon and Saima now uses her knowledge and experience and blends it with her romantic vision to create her luxury accessories range.


Prints are inspired by Saima's rich cultural heritage blended with her passion for bygone eras, dance and the arts. Beautiful silks and cashmere are integrated with contemporary printing methods. Each design is created to invoke a feeling of both luxury and femininity and varies from soft and ethereal to bold and daring.


The natural beauty of Saima’s designs reflect her desire to create uniqueness and combined with an attention to detail and finish, the item is created for the individual.