Daring to dream

Do you ever take time to dream? Is this something that you’ve ever even thought about doing before? Have you been so busy just getting on with life that you’ve not even had the space to dream?


I remember some years ago, whilst I was living in London. I was experiencing a really challenging time in my life and I went to see an astrologer in Covent garden. I was feeling really stuck in my work situation and he said to me ‘you just need to dream’. I remember thinking “say, whaaaaaaa? What does that even mean, I need to take time to DREAM????”. 


Now I get it crystal clearly because it is something that I do in my life on the regular. I often take long walks in nature, no music, just the presence of the divinity of mother nature and I let my imagination run wild. It’s also when I come up with my most creative ideas. 


I have now set up a life that allows me the freedom to do what I want, and I fully appreciate that for others dreaming may actually be a daunting experience as it could bring up inner desires which seem impossible? Maybe in your dreams, you would love to live by the ocean and do a job that you love. Maybe you would like to turn your passion for food into your livelihood. Maybe you are unhappy in your relationship and in your dreams, you’d love to be free.


I felt like this once upon a time. I worked in the fashion industry. I was a trained fashion designer. I’d worked so hard for fourteen whole years! It was who I was, my identity, my whole life and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I mean I had no other skills.


Well, that was a whole load of rubbish in my own head because now look at me! And the beauty about what I do now is that despite being a very passionate life coach, I have bought my love for fashion, dance and art into my coaching business. As a part of how I choose to express myself and help others do the same.


I’m a testament to what is possible in life and this is what makes life beautiful. It’s about trusting because actually life knows more than we do. It’s a lot bigger than ourselves. 


So, I’m going to ask you to do the same as I did and still do. I’m going to ask you to dream.


  Saima xx