My Vision

‘To empower individuals to improve their mental, physical and spiritual health’.


The importance of Mental, Emotional and Physical health


There are many components to optimal health and wellbeing. Fitness and nutrition are two of these components combined with a healthy mind, good sleeping patterns and healthy relationships etc. The barriers to physical health and healthy eating can often be linked to underlying emotional and mental issues. Often what is happening in our outer bodies is a reflection of what is occurring in our minds. Stress, low self worth, overwhelm by life can all lead to a poor diet and exercise regime. It is therefore imperative to focus on health and wellness as a whole in order to gain a better balance and flow in your life.

What is a Holistic Personal Trainer?


A Personal Trainer who focuses on physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing as a whole. By using an empathetic approach, I coach my clients, giving them tools and tips to aid better inner and outer health. It is my role to empower and encourage clients to develop healthy habits and overall lifestyle. Sometimes to move forward we have to look backwards a little alongside taking positive action. Every life and lifestyle is unique and one individual’s needs are very different to another’s and so I consider this and work accordingly, assisting the individual in making positive changes.

My qualifications


•    Level 3 certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor

•    Level B1 Zumba Instructor

•    Circuit training and Kettlebell instructor

•    Bellydance teacher