How did I do it?


I learned that in order to create the life that I deserved I would have to work through the limiting beliefs that had held me back for so many years. This took hours and hours of research, therapy, self-reflection and meditation. I began to unravel patterns in my behaviour that had not served me and instead, had been doing a huge disservice by hindering me from reaching greatness.


My newfound knowledge became a source of empowerment and freedom from myself. As if I had had an AWAKENING! I felt as though I had been asleep to the true meaning of life and human behaviour. If only I had learnt about boundaries, using my voice, overcoming internal fears and self doubt earlier?


Life may have looked very different. I do honestly believe however that everything happened at just the right time even though it felt as though It had taken a long time for me to reach my truth and authentic self. I am so grateful to have eventually arrived, especially now as I can help others get there in a fraction of the time.

How I can help you


By helping you to work through your limiting beliefs, fear and self doubt, I can help you to discover who you truly are and how you can use your uniqueness to carve out a clear path for your future.


Whether it is business, work or relationships, we will set tangible goals that you will learn how to achieve. You will go from procrastinating to actually taking action. We will implement new lifestyle choices that will serve you going forward and equip you with the tools and knowledge so that you can live an authentic life and shine just as you were supposed to.


If you feel that NOW is the time to move forward in your life