Is your inner world shaping your outer world?

Photo credit: Chevy-Jordan Thompson

Most of us will have faced a time in our life that made us doubt our abilities and ourselves. Maybe a teacher or a boss put us down or maybe a friend or a family member made us feel less than. These small incidents can shape our reality of how we view ourselves and therefore impact the decisions and the paths we choose to take in our lives.


How we feel about ourselves affects how we show up in all areas of our lives. Our ability to create meaningful relationships, feel healthy inside and out and achieve our goals. Instead of taking this as our only reality, what if we questioned our treatment of ourselves? How we speak to ourselves? How we feel in our bodies? What our emotions are telling us? Whether our inner world is affecting our outer world?


Self-love is speaking affectionately to ourselves, not comparing ourselves to others, nurturing our minds with daily rituals, nourishing our bodies with healthy food and movement, creating healthy boundaries in relationships, being selective in how we choose to spend our time, investing in our further development.


If everything began with self-love, then how we moved through the world would look very different. We would want to be our best selves so we would be selective in who we chose to spend time with, how we spent our time, what would make us happy at work, and how we treated our body, mind and soul. 


Therefore, if we chose that what served us rather than hindered us, it would enable us to approach life with more zest and vigour. Thrive rather than merely survive. Imagine this for your own life. How does it make you feel?


  Saima xx