1. Start looking within


Life started changing when I started to focus inwards rather than outwards. By becoming an observer of our own thoughts, behaviours and emotions, we can truly assess what makes us happy or sad, lifts us up or depletes us. Sometimes, even our own energy can be negative.

We can only keep our energy high by nurturing ourselves and keeping our distance from the things that impact us negatively.

2. Solitude and meditation


Meditation has so many benefits, the most important one allowing the mind to focus and increasing self awareness. It is important to practise alone, away from surrounding distractions. Allowing you to be still, focussing on the breath and observing thoughts. A misconception of meditation is that it is about blocking thoughts. No, it is about watching the thoughts and then returning to the breath and the present. 


Focussing on the present moment is so powerful as honestly, that is all we have. The past has gone and the future is yet to come. What matters is the now and by worrying about the past and future we create unnecessary anxiety.


Meditation was a game changer for me and is still a hugely important part of my life.

3. Move your body


As we age we lose bone density and up to fifty per cent of our muscle mass by the time we reach our eighties. This is why it is so important to combine cardiovascular with strength training. Focusing on exercise and movement as the path to a greater us will help keep us strong and healthy not just in the present but also as we go into old age.


When we challenge the body, we also release hormones to reduce the stress we are placing our bodies under. These hormones are what make us feel fabulous during and after exercise. Therefore, there are not just physical benefits to exercise but also great mental ones.

4. Positivity and gratitude


Practising gratitude everyday can transform a negative mindset into a positive one. By focussing on the postive aspects of our lives, life does not feel as bad as we think. 

Also, how do you talk to yourself? Are you self deprecating? Do you set yourself high standards and when they are not reached, you feel unworthy or not good enough?

Talking to yourself more empathetically, as you would a friend or family member is super important. Be gentle, patient and kind. Speak lovingly to yourself. If we do not feel highly of ourselves (internally) then nor will others and we will attract more negativity.

Positive energy can only come from thinking positive thoughts and taking positive actions.

5. Find your tribe and confidents


When we are going through a transition and moving into our zone of genius, which we may yet be unaware of, we may find ourselves alone for a while. This is becaiuse we are leaving our old ways of thinking and living to move into new ones. 


Once however, we start to flourish in that zone of genius, we begin to attract or may have to go out and seek the people who are aligned with our being.


You may have heard the quote 'You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with', or 'show me your friends and i'll show you your future'. I absolutely agree which is why it is so important to surround yourself with positive and inspiring people.

6. Nourish your mind and body with good food


Eating a good diet not only makes us feel great physically but has a huge impact on our mood and concentration.


If you tune into your mind body, you will notice what makes you thrive and what depletes you of energy. Do you get energy slumps in the day? Is your body carrying excess water? Are you not sleeping properly? Do you feel bloated all the time? Paying close attention and making the connection between food and health can contribute to living a more energetic and 'easier' life.


For specific food related issues, it would be worth seeing a nutritionist.

7. Journaling and goal setting


Journaling is a fantastic tool for de cluttering the mind of unwanted thoughts. Journaling is proven to help with calming the mind. You can also use your journal to write a daily gratitude list as I do.


My journal also allows me to check in to see where I am at with my goals daily. I can then look at them objectively and iron out concerns or worries and write out a plan of action.


8. Expand your mind and get curious


Books can gives us so much wisdom, knowledge and joy in life. In order for us to grow, it is important to feed our minds with positive knowledge. Learning new things can make us feel alive and therefore thrive. 


Some of my favourite mind feeding tools are; podcasts, magazines, newspapers, documentaries, films, TED talks, audio books and You Tube videos. 


Adopt whatever suits your learning style.

9. Sleep


Aaaah yes. There are an endless number of benefits to a good nights sleep, some of them include; good digestion, enhanced concentration and mood, a healthy immune system and metabolic rate and lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.


So how many hours should we sleep? We are all different and so need to assess how many hours we need to function optimally. For me that is 7/8.

Sleep definitely needs to be taken seriously for a good quality of life.

10. Be patient


The final and most important tip of all is to be patient. We are all on our own paths to seeking our truth and purpose. There will be glitches along the way. Maybe huge ones! These will test our strength and resilience but we will come away wiser and more aware.


Live for the now. Love, laugh, dance, sing! Do what brings joy to your soul and enjoy the present moment.


Most of all though....be patient.


If you are struggling with your health and wellbeing, reach out to find out how I can support you.