Moving through the world as a heart centred person

Image credit: Debbie Hudson on Unsplash

As heart centred, sensitive people we feel from a very deep place. We can lose ourselves in a piece of music, dance or art and have an innate desire to create. We are gifted when it comes to beauty and creativity. Ecstasy and natural highs are our middle name, but we also feel pain very deeply. As we are in touch with our emotions, we are wired to show love freely and when we love we don’t mess about, we love with all our hearts.


But when our love or creativity is rejected, we feel as though there’s something wrong with us. Like we’re not good enough, as if we have done something wrong. These intense feelings can make us feel as though we don’t belong and are not understood. Sometimes the world is a difficult place for us to exist because we don’t deal well with injustice when it affects us or our fellow human beings.


Our creativity and emotional honesty are sometimes seen as a weakness and when society does not know how to deal with us, we are labelled. Labels such as depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder or seen just stir crazy.


We learn to survive in the world in our own unique ways until one day, we have an awakening. We come to realise that we have beautiful gifts. That there is a much larger purpose for our existence. We are designed this way so we can serve the world, help others heal and share beauty and magic in the world the way we uniquely see it. Everything begins to make sense and after this point, there is no stopping us. We are settling for nothing less than greatness.


If you are reading this and something feels like it is being stirred inside, please know that you are not broken. There is nothing wrong with you. One day you will realise that you have gifts to share with the world and what you think are weaknesses are in fact your biggest strengths.


  Saima xx