Our customer


Wherever she is there is laughter, meaningful conversation, great food and artisan coffee. Her presence can be felt. She likes to explore places with ambience and off the beaten track. Somewhere to share quality time with those most dear.


She is elegant and classic with touches of flamboyance. She appreciates quality and will search far and wide for unique finds.


Her life is filled with experiences and memories. Strong, independent, soft and loving in equal measure. Her softness can be seen in her eyes, the windows to her soul. Here there is both vulnerability and strength. She likes to wonder and dream, and solitude gives her the chance to explore this.


Her habitat is her sanctuary and she will create the most charming and beautiful environment from the smallest and most unloved of places.


In a professional environment she is a natural leader, a fair leader. She uses the gifts that she has been given to help others.


The true meaning of success to her is happiness, contentment and inner peace.