I speak at health and wellness events, panel talks and corporate events on topics including mental health, self mastery, crossing divides in communities and living on purpose. As a Holistic Personal Trainer and Coach I get first hand access to the daily struggles which many people face. I see how inner torment, lack of confidence and poor lifestyle choices can effect how an individual shows up in the world. They have so much to offer yet no idea how to access their true authentic self.


As someone with lived experience of mental illness I also speak truthfully about my experience of poor mental health at work and in relationships. By sharing my own adversity and road to recovery I have helped many people recognise their own struggles and find a way through.


I feel strongly about helping people to become resilient and improve their emotional intelligence so that they can honour themselves as well as their fellow human beings.

Topics that I speak about:


Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace

and at University


  • Recognising a mental health problem
  • Creating a supportive environment
  • How to have a conversation around mental health
  • Creating a mental health toolkit

Finding your purpose and living your truth


  • Establishing your values and what you stand for
  • Finding your passion and what motivates you
  • Designing your own life
  • Carving out your own path

Self Mastery


  • Healing the soul
  • Nurturing the mind and body
  • Self love and confidence
  • Personal development


Self empowerment, inner and outer confidence


  • Processing inner pain
  • Working through internal struggle
  • Finding your 'true' authentic self
  • Implementing a lifestyle that you deserve

Community cohesion and crossing divides


  • Looking beyond labels; religion, gender, race, sexuality, class
  • Cultivating meaningful relationships in communities
  • Overcoming fear around the 'other'
  • Finding common ground


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