Ben, 20

PT client, 8th March 2020

"Before I started training with Saima, I wasn't happy with myself in multiple aspects of my life. I was falling behind in work. I had lack of motivation to make the next step and push myself as hard as possible. I had tried training with PT's at the gym I was at but all they seemed to do was go through the motions.


From the off when training with Saima, I could instantly tell the difference in mindset as Saima is an extremely positive trainer which motivates me to push as hard as possible during the sessions.


This positive mindset is something I've been able to apply to daily life and what a change it has made.


Never fails to leave me smiling and feeling great after every session."


Rehana, 47

PT client, 9th October 2019

"After months of evaluating my health and well being, on 12 July 2019 I finally signed up with Saima for personal training sessions. Saima has been an outstanding PT, encouraging and supporting me throughout this journey.

The last 12 weeks at times have been challenging but extremely rewarding. Saima’s positivity and support kept me going. She pushed me but it was definitely worth it, doing exercises which I never thought I could complete.


My confidence and fitness have improved and I couldn’t have done it without Saima. It is important to invest in yourself and I would 100% recommend Saima to help you on this journey."




Sonia, 35

Coaching Client, 8th October 2019

"I’m so grateful to social media for connecting me to the amazing woman that is Saima. 


Saima’s infectious high energy and motivation captivated me straight away when I watched her stories on Instagram. I was hooked! I love tuning in everyday to see her sharing her wisdom and helping others. 


Saima is a wonderful person who really cares about people. I had three coaching sessions with her and each one was really useful in its own way. Saima shared with me various skills that I can now use in my own life to help navigate through life’s challenges. 


If you’re in need of guidance and some great life skills, I’d definitely recommend Saima. Her authentic and genuine nature makes for a really nurturing and helpful session. 


Thank you Saima!!"

Stacey, 29 

Coaching Client, 11th August 2019

"I’ve just finished a course of 1:1 coaching with Saima and suffice to say, I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, enthusiastic and valuable coach! I am a Women’s Health Personal Trainer with BIG goals for my future. However being self-employed still finding my feet in the business world, and an introvert at heart, I have always had a niggle in the back of mind holding me back.


Through Saima’s coaching sessions I have been able to share and realise my goals and put in place realistic steps to achieve them. During each session Saima listened intently and her guidance has enabled me to overcome the barriers that I built up in my mind. I left each and every session feeling invigorated, motivated and determined. Having set actions to take in between our meetings kept me accountable and Saima was on hand whenever confidence waned and I needed the extra confidence boost.


Saima has helped turn my daydreams into a tangible reality. I would 100% recommend her as a coach to help you realise your potential!".




Kul, 52 

Coaching client, 21st July 2019

"Saima helped me work through my relationship with alcohol, which was increasingly becoming worse. I hadn’t realised how much of an issue it was and that I was going on a downward spiral. Saima has helped me to buck my ideas up and do better.


She is professional and thought provoking and has been the catalyst for me to challenge my inner demons and help create a better me."




Lucinda, 27

PT client, 25th May 2019

"Exercise lately for me has changed. Quite frankly it had been non existent. Saima has been helping me to find a happy medium between challenging myself whilst also being kind to myself.

I believe that during different phases of your life (and year, and the month), your exercise routine will change. Sometimes we don't always feel like pushing ourselves to the absolute limit. Sometimes we just need to move gently and that's ok.

Saima has listened to me, Saima gently encourages me, and Saima is way more than 'just' a PT. I'm not saying that because she's my friend but because it's true.

If you don't feel comfortable going to gym classes, if you have an injury, or if you aren't sure what kind of movement you need- I wouldn't hesitate booking sessions with Saima."

It's so important to prioritise time to exercise, not only for physical health but your mental health too."




Rizwana, 34

PT client, 6th May 2019

"When I first met Saima, I hadn't done any exercise for five years and it had made me really down. The first few sessions were so hard alongside my physical and mental condition. But after a few more and encouragement from Saima, I did what the doctor said was not possible. I excercised for 10 weeks, cut my eating habits and lost half a stone. This is just the beginning of my future. I recommend Saima as a PT as not only will you be encouraged and pushed to do better but she will also have a loving relationship and understanding with you. Thank you Saima for being a part of my journey."




Kevin, 65

PT client, 25th April 2019

"I joined the gym group in August 2016 and was assigned Saima as my 'free Personal Trainer'. I was so impressed that I continued to take advantage of her wonderful services and continue to get fitter and lighter as we go through our journey to get me into the shape I was 30 years ago. I am now 65 now but feel 40 again."




Sof, 37

PT client, 23rd March 2019

"This Personal Training journey has been the best! Saima has really helped me to focus, to look at how to balance my diet, and she has pushed me to do things I never thought I could do. My fitness and strength has improved so much. I have been doing exercises I thought would take me more than 10 sessions to do but she got me doing them in just a few!

She's helped me to embed a different way of thinking about everything I do which has got me more determined than ever to be fitter and stronger and it's working.

Thank you so much Saima!"




Sameena, 21

PT client, 1st January 2019

"Saima has almost been training me for three years. In that time my fitness and confidence has drastically improved and wouldn't be where it is without Saima.

Saima puts 100% into every session and always goes the extra mile for clients. Saima has pushed me to do exercises and activities that I never thought I would do and I have become a lot stronger because of it."