"I first met Saima when I was in need of some ‘direction’ in my life. I knew what I wanted to do. I’ve had goals and dreams for years but felt a bit stuck, where on earth do I start?


So after speaking with Saima she recommended her ‘Limiting Beliefs workshop’ which helped me break everything down into sections, so it wasn’t one big scary picture. The workshop was so informative, everybody was so lovely and all in completely different situations. She explains everything on a level you can understand and helps you adjust your thinking. We all have dreams and goals and being stuck on how to do them or not believing you can do them is so tiring.


I’m stubborn and don’t take help because I’ve done so much myself but I literally need Saima’s guidance to keep me on my path, reroute me if I’m heading towards a negative spiral of doubt.


Take the help, take the leap, have faith!


Thank you Saima so much for helping me.... and I’ve not even started yet!!"

Bryony, 32




"Before my sessions with Saima I was a scaredicat. I lacked confidence. I felt valueless and had no real purpose in life which meant I felt a little lost. 


The holistic way Saima approaches her clients has meant I have not been overwhelmed by the experience but have grown by it. The exercises we do have also meant that I've had someone to be accountable to. Which has lead to me being less of a procrastinator. 


The exercises are short and to the point which is good for someone like me as it helps me focus. I can happily say with Saima's help that I am EMPOWERED to hit life face on and I can't wait!


I can highly recommend Saima as a Super Life Coach. Long may she fly like superman and take us with her!"

Anne, 39




"I’m so grateful to social media for connecting me to the amazing woman that is Saima. 


Saima’s infectious high energy and motivation captivated me straight away when I watched her stories on Instagram. I was hooked! I love tuning in everyday to see her sharing her wisdom and helping others.  Saima is a wonderful person who really cares about people. I had three coaching sessions with her and each one was really useful in its own way. Saima shared with me various skills that I can now use in my own life to help navigate through life’s challenges. 


If you’re in need of guidance and some great life skills, I’d definitely recommend Saima. Her authentic and genuine nature makes for a really nurturing and helpful session. 


Thank you Saima!!"

Sonia, 35

"I’ve just finished a course of 1:1 coaching with Saima and suffice to say, I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, enthusiastic and valuable coach! I am a Women’s Health Personal Trainer with BIG goals for my future. However being self-employed still finding my feet in the business world, and an introvert at heart, I have always had a niggle in the back of mind holding me back.


Through Saima’s coaching sessions I have been able to share and realise my goals and put in place realistic steps to achieve them. During each session Saima listened intently and her guidance has enabled me to overcome the barriers that I built up in my mind. I left each and every session feeling invigorated, motivated and determined. Having set actions to take in between our meetings kept me accountable and Saima was on hand whenever confidence waned and I needed the extra confidence boost.


Saima has helped turn my daydreams into a tangible reality. I would 100% recommend her as a coach to help you realise your potential!".

Stacey, 29 




"Saima helped me work through my relationship with alcohol, which was increasingly becoming worse. I hadn’t realised how much of an issue it was and that I was going on a downward spiral. Saima has helped me to buck my ideas up and do better.


She is professional and thought provoking and has been the catalyst for me to challenge my inner demons and help create a better me."

Kul, 52