Two separate worlds in my coaching work came together creating the most perfect alchemy


In the latter part of 2021, I started working with a Primary School in an underprivileged part of Derby, as an Academic Mentor. Simultaneously, I was coaching Rosa Espinoza over in the United States. Rosa is a scientist and explorer who's worked extensively with National Geographic in the Amazon rainforest. 


Little did I know though that the two worlds in my coaching work would come together.


It just so happened that the kids started learning about the Amazon rainforest, studying the book; 'The explorer' by Katherine Rundell. 


So hang on a minute? The kids are learning about an explorer in the Amazon whilst I'm actually working with one in real life. It was a no brainer! And that's how this wonderful alchemy took place.


Rosa spoke to the kids in Derby over Microsoft Teams all the way from Michigan. It was a roaring success! It’s one of those moments that show what is possible. I don’t think that the school (which is extremely underfunded) could have imagined the reality of this happening but it did. The two worlds literally being 'worlds apart'.


Collaborations like this show children what's possible for their own lives. 


For me personally, this was definitely a highlight of my career. Giving the children this gift and something that could potentially change their future. This collaboration has given everyone involved so much joy and MEANING and Its truly moments like this that make all the hard work worth it!


Saima xxx