What stagnation maybe telling you

Photo credit: Pim Chu on Unsplash

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a state of flow state where everything feels aligned; mind body and soul. Life feels good and as if we know where we're headed.


Sometimes, however, we feel out of sorts and as though life is at a standstill.


Internal stagnation can come as a result of various things. Maybe from tiredness and being overworked or maybe because a shift is required. Feeling stuck can create feelings of frustration and low self-worth. It can bring up past trauma and create negative self-talk.

If you are experiencing feelings of stagnation, know that life is transient and things will change. If you currently feel blocked inside and feel as though you are unable to move forward, here are a few tips that may help:

1) Unplug from anything that feels like noise and external stimulation. This may mean people who drain your energy, social media and too much TV. 

2) Try not to compare yourself to others. Keep focused on yourself and give yourself the care and attention that you need.

3) Spend some time being still and silent, allowing yourself to dream. If the mind is occupied with information it leaves no room for creativity.

4) Do something creative; sing, draw, paint, craft, dance.

5) Write or draw out your feelings and what is surfacing.


Finally, have 'faith' that this too shall pass and better days are coming. 


  Saima xx