What the movie 'Blonde' evoked in me

Trigger warning: This post talks about rape, abortion and suicide. Please only read if you are comfortable doing so.


I want to share the emotional impact that the new fictionalised chronicle of Marilyn Monroe’s life, directed by Andrew Dominik has had on me. There are many different societal issues relating to this story, the biggest one being power and one human beings beleif that it is acceptable to violate another. I am sharing from the perspective of the journey of self discovery and self actualisation.  


The movie, if you haven't seen it, shows us the many tragic events that took place in Marilyn Monroe's life; rape, forced abortion, a miscarriage, abusive romantic relationships and neglect by her parents. If I was to take this movie as a literal interpretation of Marilyn Monroe’s life and not part fiction, then these are the thoughts/feelings the movie left me with:

  • A desire to take her away from a cruel/evil world. 
  • To embrace her like a child and say ‘my darling Norma Jean, you are; precious, enough, whole and perfect’. 
  • An anger towards men. Wanting to say to all men, ‘leave her the f*** alone’. Super unfair as I am generalising but that’s how I felt in the moment. 
  • To tell the world that her beauty was a gift, god given and not there just for the taking.  


Throughout her life, she was seeking. Seeking the love that was denied to her by her father. A common lack in many. The love that she so desperately hungered, she sought in men (and fame). Men that couldn’t provide it. Men that most likely couldn’t give it to themselves. Men that were probably trying to fill their own void through her. 

Eventually this led to her demise. Her tragic death.


This love that we seek in other humans (or things) can be found within ourselves but how do we know this. We've not been told. I believe that if destiny had wanted, and if Marilyn Monroe had had someone to guide her, create a safe space for her ‘to be’ and heal, her life may have been different. If she’d received a message through either a person (romantically or not) or another way to help her get to the place inside where, she could have discovered her own divinity, she may have been able to make sense of her suffering. It wasn't meant to be though and 'we' get to learn the lessons. 


Once we’re on the path, the place of divine love is by no means an easy place to reach. There is a huge amount of work to do. This is why I believe that the capacity within us to do the work can be the difference between life and death or the extent to which we suffer. It takes awareness first of all and then, great courage and surrender to look at parts of ourselves that we may not want to accept. To understand our part in our life story and, the part of others. But when it is revealed to us, the awareness that there is something beyond, is where we are able to seek refuge, safety and wholeness. Knowing that we do not need to fear. That we are not alone. There is something greater than us; than any other human being or thing, that has our back and is keeping us safe.


The movie, while some feel is exploitative, has raised a lot of discussion about issues that still arise today. For some, bringing back past memories and emotions. I believe that through talking, there is also an opportunity for healing to take place. It has certainly given me a moment to pause and think about the strong men and women in my own life who have been through so much and still stand today. 


From an artistic point of view, this was powerful storytelling by Andrew Dominik. A hauntingly beautiful musical score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis and, transcendental acting from Ana De Armas, as well as everyone else who contributed to the movie. 


Thank you for reading.

Saima x