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Kayfa Haluk meaning ‘how are you’ in Arabic is a playful piece in which two friends on their way to somewhere happen to bump into each other and stop for a chat. They could be standing anywhere from Sudan to India and I feel as though I want to be a part of their conversation. We also see the return of the Moorish red and sand dune gold previously used in Sukoon and Shukran except with the addition of the blue which represents the sky (asmaan). Each colour has been selected intentionally and holds meaning for me beyond the visual appeal.


This piece has been hand printed on Khadi handmade fair trade 100% cotton rag paper, which is made from recycled t-shirts. Each print is unique and may vary slightly. 


Print is unframed but will be mounted on card and sealed in a clear bag before being packaged in a hard board backed envelope.

Kayfa Haluk? (How are you?)

SKU: ISH0004
  • Paper size

    Width: 21cm 

    Height: 30cm


    Print size

    Width: 11cm

    Height: 22cm

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