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I'd like to tell you more about coaching before we dive into what I offer and maybe best for you...

When we feel lost, lonely and overwhelmed, it's because we are not living in our truth. Coaching, is a safe space where you can leave your armour at the door and be your true self. I am interested in the person you 'really are', including all of your complexities. Even though you may perceive this version of you to be weak, this is where your strength lies. When you are in your truth, you can live an authentic life that gives you freedom from the shackles of the world around you.


By cultivating self-love, healing inner pain, bringing parts of yourself you hide from the world to the surface, implementing healthy boundaries and getting inspired, you can make space to harness your superpowers.


I will hold the space for you to move forward gently and with clarity. You will learn how to use your voice powerfully and authentically. You will harness your creativity to enable you to come from a place of inspiration. We will design a holistic wellbeing programme so you can feel healthy in mind and body.


Why have a coach?

  • A coach can take you to a place internally and externally that you may not be able to go to yourself or that an unqualified person cannot.

  • A coach will provide you with the space and support to work through your challenges and goals.

  • The coaches role is to help you specifically which you cannot 'expect' from anyone else in your life.

  • Because sometimes we don't want to do it ourselves. This is an absolute natural feeling as a human being and an act of self-love.


Provided you are ready to commit to the coaching journey, you will get to a place where you:

  • Feel inspired and excited about life.

  • Be in control of your own life and not allow your life to control you.

  • Break old thinking and behaviour patterns that you may have held since childhood and are not serving you.

  • Learn to use your voice and own your story.

  • Reconnect with your inner child.

  • Connect with your true authentic self so that you can confidently move through the world.

  • Implement healthy habits to support you with your overall wellbeing.

How we can work together


I work with clients on a one-to-one basis who maybe feeling stagnant and facing a challenging period in their lives.

Together we identify and work through what is holding them back so they can make progress and move forward with passion, enthusiasm and clarity.


The Design Your Life programme is a series of Personal Development and Wellbeing sessions which enable you to find clarity and direction in your life, develop self-awareness in order to become conscious of your behaviours, emotions and limiting beliefs and, manage your wellbeing in order to create a calm and peaceful inner and outer life.


I speak at universities, conferences and corporate organisations about mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, harnessing the courage to live a truthful and authentic life, crossing divides in communities and the importance of meaning and purpose in your life. Collaborations include Nottingham Trent University, The University of West London and British Islam Conference.

Dr. Rosa Vasquez Espinoza, Chemical Biologist and National Geographic Explorer 

"Saima is safe space. In such a short time, she created an environment where I felt safe to share what was truly going on in my mind and heart and helped me dig deeper letting me guide my own experience."

Let's Work Together

If you would like to find out more about coaching or services I offer, please reach out via this contact form

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