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[ The Transformational Coach ]


Hi, i'm Saima.

Following my battle with mental illness in 2014, I came to the realisation that I had spent my life thus far dimming down my truth and authentic self in order to survive in the world around me. I spent the next five years investing heavily in my own development and growth. Little did I know but I was on the road to unlocking my limiting beliefs and inner fears which eventually lead to a new found confidence, bravery and empowered me.


Now I educate and share the knowledge I have learnt to transform the lives of others, helping them find their truth and setting them on the road to happiness.

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[ The Holistic Personal Trainer ]


Over the last three years I have helped over fifty male and female clients get fitter, healthier, stronger AND regain their zest for life.


Health and fitness goes much further than the physical appearance of the body. It is about feeling confident and comfortable with who we are internally and externally. 


There are many components to health and living a whole and happy life. Exercise, nutrition and sleep are just some of those components. To acheive optimal health it is important to focuss on every single component. Following years of education and my own experience, I have developed an extensive toolkit that I share with clients to support them in their own wellness journey's.






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