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Sukoon is the Arabic word for peace. This has been inscribed within the hand of Fatima. The hand, also known as hamsa is used for protection. It's origins lie in several cultures but my interest was sparked from its popularity within the Muslim world. It was in this tradition that it became known as the hand of Fatima, named after Prophet Muhammad's daughter. The five fingers became associated with the five pillars of Islam. 


The vivid red in the print was colour matched carefully to an image I found in a book about Africa’s literary culture and early Islamic scriptures in Timbuktu, as well as the Mezquita (mosque) in Cordoba and, Moorish architecture shown in Nacer Khemir’s film, ‘Bab ‘Aziz’. The gold was inspired by the sand dunes of the Arabian desert.


This piece has been hand printed on Khadi handmade fair trade 100% cotton rag paper, which is made from recycled t-shirts. Each print is unique and may vary slightly.


Print is unframed but will be mounted on card and sealed in a clear bag before being packaged in a hard board backed envelope.

Sukoon (Peace)

SKU: ISH0003
  • Paper size

    Width: 21cm 

    Height: 30cm


    Print size

    Width: 10.5cm

    Height: 15.5cm

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