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What the clients say

"Saima is safe space. In such a short time, she created an environment where I felt safe to share what was truly going on in my mind and heart and helped me dig deeper letting me guide my own experience.


I think some people have the ability to listen carefully and profoundly but very few make you feel safe to be heard. And that's where Saima shines best. A safe space for self-exploration which I

think is what makes the difference for real change and not temporary deceptions. She kept up with me throughout the entire experience even off session. She really is a star and I'm just grateful to have reached out to her.


One of the best decisions I've taken this year so far.


She is truly empathetic, light and profound all at once. She is not 'just' there for you during the session, she is 'fully' there for you. She helped me realize I don't need to be off to the jungle, away from internet and the society, for weeks so that I can have a profound connection with my intuition and subconscious mind. She gave me the tools so I can do it anytime, anywhere.


I have learned that feeling deeply in all aspects of your life won't necessarily lead to chaos, and I should not be afraid to reach for all I want in the romantic aspect of my life too. I've also learned that it's not selfish to consciously and purposefully readjust my environment to fit new and improved versions of myself that are coming to life".

Rosa Vasquez

-National Geographic Explorer

"I reached out to Saima because I was feeling really lost, worried and quite sad that I had no direction in my business. No future plan and understanding of what I was supposed to be doing. I was spending a lot of time comparing myself to other people’s businesses and thinking, they have it all sorted.


I explained all of this and she was really supportive, friendly and understanding.


I’m quite stubborn with my business, I don’t really ask many people for help and I don’t really talk to many people about the worries around my business. I take them to bed and worry about them myself so to ask for help was a big deal for me.


Since coaching with Saima I have:

  • Created an online platform and found the confidence to film myself for my flexibility videos. I would never have done this before!

  • Spoken about diversity and taken action to create change. She’s made me more confident in the way that I speak about things and it’s just quite magical the way she’s done it.

  • Made a big dream come true that I thought wasn't possible.


Everything that we’ve talked about, the confidence has just come, and I’ve got Saima massively to thank for that. It’s been an amazing journey. I don’t want it to end but I’m excited for where my future is going to go now for having done this program with Saima".

Bryony Farrar

-The B Movement

"Saima has really helped me over the last few months to find my balance. I am so dedicated to my work that if I am not careful, I can get so lost in it and barely find time for me.


Starting a new business has been both exciting and daunting and without finding space for exercise, meditation and connecting with my love of enjoying my free time, I would have burnt out very easily.


Saima understood the importance of my well-being and put that at the centre of my development. I am now much more confident when it comes to shutting down my computer to end the day and relax. I am eating more consciously (healthy foods that is not so much cake - although the odd treat is nice and welcomed). Saima has helped me to finally start meditating. I had too many excuses before and now I can say that it helps me every day.


Saima taught me that it takes practice and for me thriving in my business has been a result of having mental well-being and calm. The bi-weekly check-ins have been great and made me pause. Thank you, Saima for helping me to find this peace in such an uncertain time, during a pandemic and the beginnings of a new venture for me.

Kelly Trivedy

-Academic Support Coach

"Where do I start with writing a testimonial for Saima? Words cannot even begin to describe how much of an inspiration this lady is! So our story actually goes further back than me starting my coaching journey.


I’ve always been an anxious person and about a year ago Saima reached out to me after my husband was speaking to her about my anxiety. At this point I was in a place where I didn’t really face my anxiety and kind of just brushed it under the carpet because it would come and go, and when I was fine, I felt like I didn’t need help and when I got moments of anxiety, I told myself it would pass, as it always does. So at this point I declined, as I truly believe I wasn’t ready to begin the journey.


This summer I reached a point where my anxiety was becoming overwhelming and I was often anxious more days than not, and that’s when I decided I wanted to change my life. I can honestly say that I have been through a lot with Saima and she is incredible at what she does.


When I read her story and then had my coaching calls with her, all I could see was this strong, empowering woman and I couldn’t even imagine that she’s previously had difficulties.


My coaching journey took me through a rollercoaster of emotions and I’m proud to say that I can see a massive change in my life. I’ve become much stronger as a person and learnt the true value of self love. Saima helped every step of the way with this - pushing me to the point of discomfort so I could overcome this and praising my successes. She was extremely patient and never judgemental. There were times when I would say to her “you probably think I’m crazy”, but I could sincerely tell that she never thought this. She accepted everything I had to say and provided me with all of the tools to make a better version of me.


She went over and above her job as a life coach and would reach out to me in between sessions, and I felt comfortable to contact her when I was struggling too. I have the utmost respect for this woman and I can honestly say I’ve found a friendship within our coaching relationship.


I would like to thank her for all her help and I would definitely recommend her services for anyone looking to improve their lives in any aspect. For the first time in a long time I’ve got faith that there are bigger and better things to come and this is just the beginning!"

Kayleigh Lehal


"I’m just here to share a little bit of my experience with the coaching sessions I’ve been having with Saima as they have been absolutely phenomenal. One thing I’ve come to realise is that I’ve never given the time to think about how hard it is to take a moment and be kind to yourself and give yourself recognition for where you are in life right now. The fact that it wasn’t easy and similarly how easy it is to give other people credit for all their hard work.


Another really valuable lesson that I’ve learnt so far which I’m trying to implement as a lifestyle is that whenever you are feeling moments of doubt, stop yourself in your tracks and think ‘is there any evidence to support this? I mean is there any reason you cannot achieve the things you’re dreaming of?’ This has really helped mitigate all the moments of self-doubt that I’ve been struggling with and I really value that important lesson that Saima has instilled in me and I thank her for it.


Life coaching is something that I’d never been interested in before but from the first session, Saima and I connected so well. I found her so relatable and very easy to approach. To just open up to and be vulnerable and feel like I’m in a safe space which I think is really important if you want to work on yourself.


Something that I will always keep in mind whenever I do meet with Saima for our coaching sessions is anything that I say, I don’t have to second guess or try to justify. If anything Saima will be the one to question me and say ‘I see that you’ve made a face. What is that? Let’s talk through the next steps in order to try and find a way around not feeling those things again’.


It’s definitely something that I’m so proud of investing in and I’m very thankful and grateful that I did. I really recommend anyone who is looking for some sort of guidance when it comes to self-love, self-discipline or how to better manage certain things that are really personal to you. I would without a doubt recommend Saima so Saima, thank you so much for everything that you’ve helped me with so far and I can’t wait to continue our sessions together."

Nafisa Abdallah


"I’ve just finished a course of 1:1 coaching with Saima and suffice to say, I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, enthusiastic and valuable coach! I am a Women’s Health Personal Trainer with BIG goals for my future. However being self-employed still finding my feet in the business world, and an introvert at heart, I have always had a niggle in the back of mind holding me back.


Through Saima’s coaching sessions I have been able to share and realise my goals and put in place realistic steps to achieve them. During each session Saima listened intently and her guidance has enabled me to overcome the barriers that I built up in my mind. I left each and every session feeling invigorated, motivated and determined. Having set actions to take in between our meetings kept me accountable and Saima was on hand whenever confidence waned and I needed the extra confidence boost.


Saima has helped turn my daydreams into a tangible reality. I would 100% recommend her as a coach to help you realise your potential!".

Stacey Harris

-Womens Health and Fitness Coach

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