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The many deaths and rebirths we will face in this lifetime 

Change and growth are inevitable whether we like it or not. Every second our old cells die and new ones are formed. If we are changing anatomically like this, then why can change in our physical live’s feel so scary?


It really depends on how change manifests in our lives. Comfortable change can be exciting and invigorating. Like when we move house, get married or get a new job.


When life forces change upon us however, this can be a painful process. When things go wrong unexpectedly and the rug is pulled from under our feet, like the breakdown of a relationship, a job that turned out differently to what we expected, a deterioration to our health, a sudden financial difficulty, loss of a loved one, or maybe a life that has become stagnant and we feel as though we’re cruising along and lost ourselves in the process. 

Change like this can rock our world view and what we knew life to be. We never have a 360 degree perspective and only see what is in-front of us. A kind if ignorance you can say. When this view is put into jeopardy, it can force us to start questioning many things. Where did it go wrong? Why me?  It can evoke anger and resentment towards the world. As if there’s been an injustice. We can lose trust in ourselves and the world.


Let me tell you, I know this place well. I’ve spent many a dark day and night here. As painful as it is, I am now well aware that this where growth also is. I’ve learned that whatever is thrown our way, It’s important to honour the process without self judgement. Allow ourselves to feel and honour our experience without getting completely stuck here. When that ‘transformation’ comes, we begin to birth a new us. An us which has more awareness. Maybe more perspective on what is really important. Maybe we learn how much time has been wasted on things that did not bring us joy. Maybe it gives us more humility and makes us better as human beings. 


In spirituality, this is referred to as consciousness. Becoming more conscious. In Sufi teachings the soul has seven stages it goes through until it becomes ‘fully’ conscious. I find this so beautiful. In Sufi poetry, an array of metaphors are used to describe this process of death and rebirth. Spiritual unconsciousness to consciousness.


As I’ve become older, i've really come to understand the importance of space. Taking space for quiet and contemplation in order to hear the voice of the soul. Being introspective in order to find clarity. In a noisy and distracted world, this is nigh on impossible which is why I share this work. As a portal through which you can enter this quietness. To allow you to listen to your higher self.


In September, I am hosting a Self Discovery Workshop inspired by Sufi teachings, poetry and music. It will help you tap into your personal journey of self-discovery. Looking closely at what lights you up, what holds you back, what is currently working and not working in your life, and how you can take small steps towards cultivating a life that is true and authentic. The aim is to help you feel grounded in your energy and walk away with hope and clarity about how you want to move forward. 

We will begin with gentle mindful movement followed by a relaxing meditation. You will then work through your individual journey of self discovery where you will get the opportunity to self reflect through journaling and sharing with the group if comfortable. We will complete the morning by sharing tea and baklava as a group.

If you book before 26th July, you can snap up your ticket at an early bird price. If you're a student, we have special rates so you don't miss out.


Saima x

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